Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Arise Oh God!

I see the children of God

—before my eyes I see an army

And looking forth I weep

Countless are spewed upon the cold earth

Wounded and bleeding

—their wounds festering from infection

And looking over to the enemy’s side

I see a hundredfold held prisoner—

The chains are so heavy upon them!

Oh how my heart hurts!

This is not an army in victory—

It is an army in complete and utter defeat

Arise oh God!

We need your power!

We need your strength!

Come oh Healer and anoint our wounds

Come oh Liberator and set us free

Come oh Holy One and make us holy

Oh Jesus we are dying

We need living water

Quench our parched lips with the water of life

Oh Jesus we are dying

Bury us with You through baptism into death

In order that just as You were raised from the dead

Through the glory of the Father

We too may live a new life!

Oh Spirit crucify the old self

That our decaying bodies of sin might be done away with

That we should no longer be slaves to sin

—because anyone who has died has been freed

Oh Triune God from the soil of defeat bring victory!

Oh Triune God from the soil of death bring life!

Oh Triune God from the soil of brokenness be glorified!

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