Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fighting for Joy

My heart deeply longs for my glory. I long to be praised and exalted. I long to be made much of.

Apart from Christ, there is nothing beautiful in me. Apart from Christ, there is nothing worthy of praise in me. Apart from Christ, I am fallen in every way!

This dying world does not need more of me. This dying world needs more of Jesus Christ. When I reflect myself I do not love, for true love points others to what they need most deeply—namely, Jesus Christ.

Moments of abiding joy are moments of self-forgetfulness. They are moments when I stop living and allow Christ to live through me by His Spirit. They are moments when my eyes are fixed on Jesus Christ not myself.

Jesus glorify Yourself in me, because I cannot. Jesus help me lose myself in bringing You praise. Lord help me worship You not me.

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